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Q&A: How Often Do You Add Negative Keywords To A Google Ad Account?

A weekly review of a search term report can reveal specific inefficient queries, as well as general search themes with low-performing or irrelevant content. I’m also a strong proponent of keyword lists that can be applied across all campaigns, such as Current Events, Post-Conversion Language, or Brand Term variations (to be applied to all Non-branded campaigns).

In July 2019, Google announced close variants to Broad Modified Match and Phrase Match keywords – meaning that they are going to become more loose in how they match queries to the keywords you’re bidding on. With this update being new and the likely impact it can have on your accounts, it is imperative that you are pulling search query reports more frequently than in the past. At least in the initial months of this new update. I have been doing a quick review of my account query reports 1 – 2 times a week, depending on what my CPCs are looking like. This is something that you as an account manager should be keeping a close on eye right now. Got a question? Email hello@wearemarketingchimp.com

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