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What's included?
Full account setup & management
Full keyword & competitor research
All creative, artwork & content
Dedicated Digital Growth Hacker
Simple, weekly/monthly reporting
No contracts. No setup fees
Will I be tied into a long term contract?

Absolutely not. Our Google Ads management contracts are on a rolling month by month basis, we like to earn our seat at the table each month. We do this by going the extra mile for our clients each and every month. If we are not making you money, we will be the first to highlight this to you and you are free to go.

If we don’t feel we can improve on what's in your account we will tell you. We only want long term business partnerships so we need to be able to add value. If we can’t improve on what's in your account or don’t think we can make your account viable we will be the first to tell you.

Will the PPC account be mine or the agency's property?

There are many Google Ads PPC Agencies that will open and build accounts in their own name. They will charge you the costs etc but all of the data is in their account so if you wanted to leave you would lose everything.

We don’t do that, we simply work on your behalf inside your account so everything we do remains yours forever.

You pay the click costs directly to the search engines and should you wish to take the account in-house or use another agency you are free to do that with no loss of historical data, performance or any downtime

Will I get a regular performance report?

We are very keen on providing KPI (Key Performance Indicator) focused reports. Data is key and reports help paint the picture that the account is telling us.

When you’re investing money in Google Ads PPC you need regular reports to know how your money is being spent and what your ROI (return on investment) is.

We report according to what suits you best, for some of our Google Ads PPC clients we report only once per month, for the majority we report weekly and in more depth. It’s all down to what information you need and when you need it.

Our standard reporting schedule includes weekly quick update reports highlighting progress, plans, performance, problems and priorities with monthly in-depth reports.

Rest assured we have the best reporting there is and you always know what is going on in your account with regular updates.

Who will be working on my Google Ads account?

When you are speaking to PPC Agencies, you should always ask exactly who would be working on your account.

We have seen too many times that experienced staff are on hand before you sign up, then once you’ve signed on the dotted line your account is outsourced to cheap labour abroad. Just because you meet with someone very experienced it doesn’t mean that they will be the ones working on your account.

We are different because we only have highly experienced Google Ads PPC staff working on clients accounts, all team members are UK based with many years of experience.

As a valuable business partner, you will be assigned your own account manager who will be fully accountable for strategy, implementation and the success of your account.

One point of contact who is accountable for the success of your account, they will head up a team that includes account analysis experts, big data scientists, tracking experts, CRO (conversion rate optimisation) experts and more.

You will only have to deal with one point of contact for all of this knowledge and expertise and you will have a dedicated Director contact on the account for any issues.

How often will my account be reviewed?

Unfortunately, we see lots of agencies or in-house teams operate on a “set up and forget” basis. They will sell you the dream of outstanding results but in reality, you are just speaking with a salesperson who is there to sell to you (and you know it - if it's too good to be true - it usually is).

We don’t have any salespeople, just Google Ads industry experts that are there solely to improve the bottom line for our clients, increase sales and help your Google Ads account be the best it can be.

Our Google Ads specialists have daily, weekly and monthly set optimisations they will conduct on your account to make sure it is optimised as well as it can be.

There are also KPI and Business Strategy optimisations (from daily to weekly depending on the business focus, industry vertical, KPIs, strategy and overall traffic volumes).

These are decided on many metrics including performance if compared to the main KPIs and industry standards, targeting, demographics and overall matching options.

Everything we do on clients accounts is to improve them to the set overall strategy and main KPIs.

Can I pay on performance?

As we operate on a monthly billing cycle we believe we are paid on performance, if we do not deliver, you will leave us and go with another PPC Agency.

We don't currently offer a specific “pay on performance” option. All of our Google Ads Experts have many years experience in running online pay per click campaigns and it is very rare that a campaign doesn't work, but we do offer a full money back guarantee on our service so you can be confident that we do everything possible to make your account a success.

Our fixed fee keeps it simple for you too, the better results we get you means more profit for you as we don’t take a cut of your growing profits. We bill businesses for a fixed fee so you can reap the rewards.

Can you guarantee results?

We cannot guarantee results in paid search marketing, and you really should be wary of any company that says they can.

What we can of course do is set KPIs and forecast the likelihood of success based on your accounts current activity, and provide a BSSS (business specific success strategy) of where we think the account can get to for KPIs such as CPA, ROAS and ROI.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service so if you're not happy that we have tried everything possible to get you the results you require and provide you with exceptional service then we offer a money-back guarantee. It's that simple.

We want long term business partnerships where we earn our seat at the table each month, so no long contracts and a results-focused approach to help elevate your business to the next level through paid search.


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