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What's included?
All content, artwork and designs
Full tracking implementation
Precise audience targeting
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
Simple, weekly/monthly reporting
No contracts. No setup fees
Will I be tied into a long term contract?

Absolutely not. Our Social management contracts are on a rolling month by month basis, we like to earn our seat at the table each month. We do this by going the extra mile for our clients each and every month. If we are not making you money, we will be the first to highlight this to you and you are free to go.

If we don’t feel we can improve on what's in your account we will tell you. We only want long term business partnerships so we need to be able to add value. If we can’t improve on what's in your account or don’t think we can make your account viable we will be the first to tell you.

Can you guarantee success on social media?

Success looks different to everyone. We’ll report your social media activity in line with your marketing goals by focusing on the correct metrics, and not wasting time with the vanity metrics that don’t bring success. This allows us to optimise your campaigns based on real data.

How often should I post on social media?

When regularly sharing content, you want to make sure that you’re posting enough to keep your audience interested and engaged, but not too much that they’ll be overwhelmed. However, there is no magic formula to determine how often you should be posting, it’s all about consistently sharing a variety of high-quality content that meets your objectives.

Which platforms should I be active on?

Which platforms you choose depends entirely on your business, along with your target audience and where they choose to spend their time online. Decide on which platforms make the most sense for you, your business and your customers.

Facebook remains one of the most popular platforms for businesses and is the perfect place to create conversations with your customers and to target specific audiences.

Twitter offers a unique way to connect with journalists, influencers and news outlets while also allowing you to connect with your audience and join in with trending conversations.

As a professional networking site, if you’re a B2B business especially, you need to have a presence on LinkedIn. All business owners should have an active profile, while company pages help to highlight any news or blog articles. You should also aim to get your employees on board by sharing relevant articles, company news or industry advice from their own profiles.

Particularly popular with a younger demographic, Instagram offers the perfect place to boost your businesses visibility, showcase your products or services and to cement your brand identity.

What metrics do you focus on?

It’s not enough to simply focus on follower growth or likes in order to measure your success or ROI. Instead, you’ll need to first determine your KPIs to decide how to measure success. For example, if you were looking to build awareness, we would look to improve the number of impressions and reach, while, for those looking to improve their revenue, sales or sign-ups would then be the ultimate goal.

Does social media work for B2B?

Like any other marketing activity, it’s about making most of the channel. Social media can be a very effective marketing method for B2B when done properly and with the right motivation. By fully understanding your target audience and their needs, you can build a community with these key decision-makers and bring them on board as brand advocates.

How does social media work for B2C businesses?

B2C marketing is all about connecting your audience with the correct solution for a problem they might have. It’s about matching the right channel with the right product or service, to create an influential piece of content to persuade your consumer to purchase.

How does social media influence SEO?

Social media is geared towards content sharing, and content sharing can drive traffic to your website and help to boost your SEO. A strong social media following can boost the rankings of your local SEO and your social media profiles in Google.

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